Wedding photo and video
Marco&Akzera | Wedding in Italy
Marco|Akzera Wedding in Tivoli
Camille&Niels | Wedding in Paphos
Camille&Niels | Wedding in Cyprus
Xiafeng&Karina | Dolomities story
Xiafon&Karina | Dolomities story
Venice story
Venice story
Masha&Bogdan | Elopement wedding in Cyprus
Elopement wedding session in Cyprus for Masha & Bogdan. The guys did not want a big wedding and they came to the island to spend time with each other and remember that important day. We went to the mountains of Trodos to escape from the bright sun and heat, and towards sunset we moved to the coast.
Andrea&Oksana | 5 Anniversary
Andrea&Oksana in Lago di Braies(South Tirol). We met up with the guys in the incredible Dolomites to take a photo shoot for their 5th anniversary. Lago di Braies has recently become a very popular place for wedding photo shoots, but in spite of that it is still beautiful.
Rabih&Razan | Cyprus wedding
Lebanon-Palestinian wedding Rabih & Razan in Cyprus. The wedding began in Ayia Napa where the bride and groom families gathered in a small hotel. The ceremony was at the Galu restaurant with sea view. There was a banquet with fiery dances.
Zoya&Kostya | Honeymoon in Florence
Zoya and Kostya arrived in Florence for a honeymoon trip. It was on this day in Florence that there were so many people that it was not even possible to go to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, but an experienced photographer always knows quiet corners even in the tourist city itself. We ate the gelatto, walked around, and by sunset we went out on a stunning viewing room.
Olya&Jenya&Sasha and their family in Tuscany
Olya&Jenya&Sasha and their family in Tuscany
Zhenya&Ksusha | Cyprus wedding in Paphos
Zhenya&Ksusha | Cyprus wedding in Paphos
Ylia&Pasha | Como elopment wedding
Dominic&Asiana&Family | Family story in Dolomites
Dominic&Asiana&Family | Family story in Dolomites
Elena&Andrei&Taya | Family story
Tanya&Alex | Wedding day
Tanya and Alex wedding day began at the beautiful Taleon Hotel. The photo session was in the incredible interiors of the hotel. The ceremony was in a cozy mansion of the 19th century.
Vasya&Marina&Family | Family story in Cyprus
Vasya&Marina&Family | Family story in Cyprus
Reem&Sharon | Wedding in Cyprus
Reem and Sharon wedding day in Cyprus. We met with the guys in the sky of a large hotel overlooking Paphos. The ceremony took place on the rocks not far from Peyia. After it, we went to several places for a small photo shoot.
Zhenya&Pasha&Artem | Family story in Venice
Zhenya, Pasha and Artem in sunny Venice. This is the kind of family photo shooting we love the most. The guys and I walked around Venice, looked in at the door and opened new places. Artem chased the pigeons on Piazza San Marco, painted in handol, and his parents were touched and had a great time with us. In the end we ate delicious tiramisu, it was so easy for us that we didnt notice how 3 hours passed.
Dasha&Yura | Wedding day
The incredibly beautiful wedding of Dasha and Yura began in a country hotel. Calm collections, photo shoot in the fields, the atmosphere of calm and love. The ceremony took place in an apple orchard under the supervision of a close family friend.
Anya&Pasha | Northern Cyprus story
Anya&Pasha | Northern Cyprus story
Sergey&Margarita | Venice story
Light love story of Margarita and Sergey in Venice. We are very lucky with the weather. The soft sunset sun was shining, we laughed and the photo shoot was very easy. It seemed that we were friends for a long time, although we met only a couple of hours ago.
Nastya&Vitya | Elopement wedding in Karelia
Nastya&Vitya in South Karelia. We did this photo shoot in the late autumn. The weather was already quite harsh but still we were lucky. Deserted northern landscapes and warm embraces are what we remember the most.
Vera&Artem | Red Canyon
With Vera and Artem, we took pictures in a fantastic red canyon in Israel. The canyon had a soft and very pleasant light for a walk. We were delighted with this place and it seems that it turned out to be reflected in the photos.
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